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Coaching and Counselling

Coaching and Counselling are two different fields that share a lot in common. Think of these as different sides of the same coin. Often Coaching will bring up issues which requires Counselling while Counselling, as it progresses, moves toward a Coaching paradigm. Both of them help you thrive in life. One helps you thrive through healing and one helps you thrive through training for better performance.

People who come for Coaching are looking to get more from life. In physical terms, coaching helps an athlete to achieve a new personal best. Like an athlete striving for greater success you may feel stuck, in a plateau and held back. This kind of athlete has a sense of unfulfilled potential and they will benefit from coaching. In the same way an athlete seeks out a coach to help them thrive you too can benefit for coaching. Colin’s ability to ask the right questions will help you clarify your future goals and aspirations as well as helping you identify the resources and options to get there. Find creative solutions that match your strength to begin the journey of bringing your dreams into reality.  

People who come for Counselling often have an emotional pain they would like to resolve. In physical terms, counselling helps the athlete with a broken leg get back onto the field. Emotional broken legs leave us on the sideline of life feeling sad, anxious, betrayed, or confused. There is a sense that life could be happier and nicer if this pain wasn’t there. Through Counselling Colin will help you identify the root pain in your life, your family and in your relationships. In a supportive, accepting, non-judgemental environment Colin will support you as your wounds are healed and you are restored to emotional health and wholeness. In as little as 6 weeks you can move from a hurting relationship to a thriving one, from a place of mourning to a place of peace and joy. Don’t survive, thrive.

Colin Craggs

Colin Craggs is a dynamic and focused coach and counsellor. Colin’s strong belief in life-long learning raises his expectations of clients to see their potential realised.  He has completed a U.S. based Doctorate in the field of leadership and coaching.  His additional qualifications (B.App.Sc, B.Th., Adv. Dip. Min., Arrow, Grad Dip. Counselling) further add to his considerable breadth of counselling and coaching experience. He experience ranges from executive coaching, relationship counselling, grief processing, strategic planning, life-coaching and personal development.  His transfer to the field of Human Services after 10 years in the field of Computer Analysis and Programming has built a depth of structure and analysis into his counselling activities, resulting in both approach and outcomes that produce effective and enduring transformation in clients.